In March 2021, Northern Michigan Rheumatology changed its website 

CURRENT WEBSITE:   nmirheum.com

Please refer to this new website for updated information.  Thank you!


On MARCH 8, 2021, NORTHERN MICHIGAN RHEUMATOLOOGY transitioned to a personalized membership-based concierge care practice.

The purpose of this change is to ensure adequate time and availability for each patient and to provide an enhanced level of care.  The transition fosters comprehensive and proactive Rheumatology care, applying both traditional “State of the Art” and integrative healing approaches as applicable.  This concierge model also provides easier direct access to Dr. Kazmers via mobile phone, text messaging, and email and also allows for expedited appointment scheduling as needed. 

For more information about this practice transition, please call the MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION LINE 231-622-4141



NORTHERN MICHIGAN RHEUMATOLOGY strives to comply with COVID-19 safety and infection prevention guidelines set forth by public health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Executive Order(s) from Governor Whitmer including social distancing, mask requirements, disinfection practices, exclusion/limitation of non-essential visitors and and onsite screening procedures.  For this reason, onsite clinic appointment visits were put on HOLD as of March 16, 2020.  Partial reopening with on- site appointments resumed initially on a limited basis starting in June, 2020.  It is necessary to request that you not come in person to the office unless an in-office appointment has been is scheduled or other arrangement has been arranged in advance.

You may call our office at 231-348-3800 if you have a need such as a medication prescription renewal,  prior authorization, laboratory order renewal or time sensitive clinical concern. 

Go to the nearest Emergency Room or call 911 if you experience an emergency situation. If you have a medical problem that is not related to Rheumatology, please seek attention from your Primary Care Provider and/or appropriate specialist. 

It is uncertain at the time of this NOTICE (7/20/2021) when the COVID-19 pandemic will conclude. Please note that as of Summer 2021, it Northern Michigan Rheumatology continues to require patients, essential visitors, staff and essential on-site workers to wear masks, and one will be provided if needed. We continue to follow careful disinfection protocfols for surfaces and use in-room air filtering and periodic UV light sterilization procedures for our examination rooms. We discourage visitors except essential visitors to our office. We are not currently open to visits to the office  from pharmaceutical representatives and vendors at this time, except for brief pre-arranged contactless drop off of needed materials. 

Note that TELEMEDICINE visits are offered as an appointment option if appropriate in your particular case. TELEMEDICINE visits may be conducted via Face Time, Google Duo, Doximity Dialer or other video platform , or  telephone audio visits can be used when video  access is not readily available .Please let the receptionist know whether you do or do not have access to a VIDEO platform when scheduling a TELEMEDICINE appointment. 

In-office visits a scheduled involve a screening questionnaire and touchless temperature check prior to entry into the inner office.  Those with fever or other symptoms or signs suggestive of COVID-19 infection will not be admitted into the inner office and will instead be recommended to seek evaluation and care for such symptoms. Masks are required and mandatory for all staff and patients while in the office.  Visitors will not be permitted in the office unless considered essential to the patient's care. All staff and essential visitors will be pre-screened before entering the inner office and required to wear a mask covering nose and mouth while in the ofifce. Staff will be provided with additional personal protective equiipment.

Sanitzation and disinfection protocols will be followed. The waiting room will be bypassed and the patient wlll be directed straight  to their exam room. Social distancing is recommended and observed. The office, exam rooms and restroom will be disinfected by staff on a repeated basis through the day. Disposable masks and gloves are available for patients. Hand sanitizer will be available and its use and/or frequent hand washing is recommended for staff, patients and essential visitors.

 THANK YOU for your cooperation and understanding during the COVID-19 pandemic


WELCOME TO NORTHERN MICHIGAN RHEUMATOLOGY (NMR), the practice of Irene S. Kazmers, MD, FACP, RhMSUS,  Board Certified Rheumatologist, Fellow Member of the American College of Rheumatology, and Board Certified by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

Mission: To provide high quality specialty care focused on the diagnosis, management and treatment of the medical conditions and diseases that fall within the spectrum of the field of rheumatology, including the various forms of arthritis, osteoporosis and autoimmune, systemic vasculitic and related disorders.

These include rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, ankylosing spondylitis, and many others.

Patient education, joint aspiration and medication injection treatment, musculoskeletal ultrasound for diagnostic and procedural indications are among additional services provided, as needed. Platelet rich plasma injection is an additional therapeutic procedural technique available onsite for select cases.